Nicholas Gane – Marketing Internship at Weirdy Beardy


Nick at Barber Wars 2016

I started my marketing position at Weirdy Beardy Australia around October 2015; being greeted by the big hearted Bearded Scotsman Louis, with endless coffee supplies. I instantly liked the idea of my involvement, from hearing of Louis’ “no Bullshit” attitude and unmatched passion and determination for his growing business.

From day one and still today I am amazed at how many ideas one person can come up with within a span of a few hours, a trait that has taught me above all to be creative and not be limited by resources or one’s own ability. Every day at Weirdy Beardy has been different, from working at the office setting up new websites and programs, selling beard oils and scrubs at festivals, engaging in meetings with company suppliers and partners, designing and developing new digital materials and partaking in event management and planning. My time here has seen me doing weird and wonderful things and I am grateful, as it has given me more experience than I could have asked for. I have enjoyed working for Weirdy Beardy and the approach that Louis takes in his work and towards his customers; he doesn’t treat them as numbers but rather friends. I can sum it up quite beautifully actually; behind Weirdy Beardy is a man with a beard trying to sell you nice things and I am glad to be a part of it.

Nick Gane – Marketing Assistant


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