Peacock Mo Wax


Weirdy Beardy Mo Wax is 100% natural moustache wax that gets it up and keeps it up.

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Made from 100% natural ingredients, the Weirdy Beardy Peacock Mo Wax is formulated specifically for your moustache.

Get it up and keep it up!

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Attribute Information
Weight 20 g
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 cm

2 reviews for Peacock Mo Wax

  1. James O
    5 out of 5

    Another brilliant product! Having sported a few Handlebar mustaches over the years this product is great! Ive tried the off the shelf stuff and its been synthetic and pongy with poor hold, or full of chemicals and too stiff (the chemicals irritating the skin too and leaving some residue for the sometimes uncareful-and-in-a-rush-out-the-door-to-work experience) The Peacock Mo Wax is easy to use in a tin, easy to get warm between the fingers and apply, it has a good hold and smells great too. Its all natural which is fantastic! (again a winner with the Mrs, *take a look at the Beard buff and Woodpecker Oil if you are fortunate to have a beard too*)

    Again, my interaction with Weirdy Beardy has been great and I believe these products are THE standard in facial hair care

  2. Dave
    4 out of 5

    My current favourite mo wax, unfortunately it doesn’t have quite enough hold to keep my tips up (approx 1″) so I am still searching for the holy grail of all natural with great hold.

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